Bottle & Can Recycling Center Supporting Community in Tonawanda, NY

Your local bottle and can retrieval company is a great place to convert recyclables into cash. Our freestanding collection center in Tonawanda is easy to find. Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers are conveniently found in 35 locations across the Northeast.

Turbocharge Your Next Fundraiser

Collection drives are great options for all types of group fundraisers. Boy scouts, businesses, clubs, and other organizations can all benefit from the fundraising services we offer. If you are going door to door to raise awareness, we have doorknob hangers. We can also help with yard signs. A trailer can be provided for large collection events. Talk with someone on our team for more details.

Build a Greener Tomorrow

As a bottle & can recycling center, we are proud that our services help to minimize waste. Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers also supports the American Cancer Society and Autism Speaks. Visit us to make your own personal account.

Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers

1942 Colvin Blvd

Tonawanda, NY 14150