What beverage containers are eligible for refunds?2019-06-03T14:57:39-04:00

As part of the Deposit Return scheme, you can receive a refund based on the current container deposit law locally implemented in your state. Generally, the containers eligible for refunds are for CAN, Plastic (PET) and Glass.

Why is my achievements menu disappearing in myTOMRA app?2019-06-03T14:55:09-04:00

If you encounter this behavior, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the app. This should clear the cache and help you resolve the issue. Confirm you have the North American version in the top left corner of the myTomra app Log In screen.

How to delete my user profile?2019-06-03T14:55:27-04:00

Please contact customer support to help you with the request.

How do I get my refund through PayPal?2019-06-03T14:55:45-04:00

To claim your refund through PayPal, download the myTOMRA app. Ensure you register for a PayPal account, if you haven’t already, and then link it to your myTOMRA account via the Payout Settings menu. Scan your barcode(s) before you return your containers to get your refund via PayPal. Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag.

There is an issue claiming my refund, how do I resolve this?2019-06-03T14:56:00-04:00

You can contact customer support @ [email protected] and our dedicated team of customer service professionals will work with you to ensure that your eligible refund is recognized.

I don’t have a PayPal account; can I refund in cash or some other way?2019-06-03T14:56:13-04:00

Unfortunately, no. Please create a PayPal account and then link it to your myTOMRA account via the Payout Settings menu. If this is not an option for you then return your containers in the local conventional manner.

Getting a “whoopsie” message in the home screen.2019-06-03T14:56:36-04:00

Properly closing and opening the app again should reset it back to a normal state. If not disable and reenable your WIFI connection. If you still encounter the same error, try to reinstall the app.

Why am I getting a “default backend – 404” error when logging in?2019-06-03T14:56:52-04:00

Confirm you have internet connection and try logging in again.

Will I be given a customer receipt?2019-06-03T14:57:10-04:00

No. There is no customer receipt. The transactions are only visible in the myTOMRA app. Please ensure that all your scanned Bag Drop Tags registered in the myTomra app.

How to use myTOMRA app at the Bag Drop Redemption Center?2019-06-03T14:54:37-04:00

You can use myTOMRA app at the participating redemption centers.
• Enable bagdrop scanning in the myTOMRA app settings.
• Scan one Bag Drop Tag for each bag.
• Drop off the bag(s) and go.
NOTE: Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag. You should receive your refunds within 24 -72 hours. You can check the progress of your returns at any time under the “Activities” menu of your myTOMRA app.

What types of beverage containers are included?2019-06-03T14:58:32-04:00

An individual, separate, sealed glass, metal, aluminum, steel or plastic bottle, can or jar. Containers less than 1 gallon or 3.78 liters, and Containers of beverages intended for use or consumption in New York.

Non-participating retailers2019-06-03T15:02:36-04:00

Only eligible containers will be accepted. Non-participating retailers will be rejected according to the assortment setup in the equipment. Refunds are based on the current local container deposit law implemented. Generally, the containers eligible for refunds are for CAN, Plastic (PET) and Glass.

What condition do containers have to be in?2019-06-03T15:03:01-04:00

• Containers must be empty.
• Rinsing each container is not necessary, but it help you to store them cleanly before returning them.
• Caps should be removed from the bottles.
• Keep the label on an don’t crush your container, so it can be accepted by the equipment’s scanner.

Do I need to remove lids from containers before taking them to the container refund point?2019-06-03T15:03:21-04:00

Preferably, lids should be removed from beverage containers before taking them to a container refund point. Removing the lids will help with the crushing of containers at processing facilities and will provide the following benefits.
• Plastic tops are usually made from a different plastic than the bottle and separating them plastics reduces the level of “contamination” which means better recycling outcomes.
• Leaving lids on containers can cause problems with our equipment, transport and storage.

Can a container refund point refuse to take my containers?2019-06-03T15:03:50-04:00

There are several reasons why a container refund point operation may refuse to accept your containers.
• They are contaminated (i.e. contain sand, dirt, paint, flammable liquid, noxious substances etc.)
• The container is not recognizable as an eligible container (i.e. crushed beyond recognition or broken in the case of glass.
• The container is not eligible under the State Deposit Return scheme.
• The container refund point operator has a reason to believe the container has been purchased interstate.
• The container refund point has reason to believe the container has already been redeemed or has been deposited from any curbside recycling operator.

What happens to containers once they are returned?2019-06-03T15:04:05-04:00

Containers deposited at a container refund point will be sorted by material type and prepared for collection and transportation to a processing center, where the materials are tightly compacted and prepared for recycling. Containers are then sold via an online auction platform into domestic and export markets to an approved recycler where the material is recycled into new materials or back into beverage containers.

What beverages are eligible for refund?2019-06-03T15:04:37-04:00

• Carbonated Soft Drinks
• Including Sparkling Water
• Carbonated Energy Drinks
• Carbonated Juice (anything less than 100% juice, containing added sugar or water)
• Carbonated Tea
• Soda Water
• Beer and Other Malt Beverages
• Mineral Water – Both carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water
• Wine Products
• Water which does not contain sugar, including flavored or nutritionally enhanced water

What beverages are not eligible for refund?2019-06-03T15:05:14-04:00

• Milk Products
• Wine and Liquors
• Hard Ciders
• Non-Carbonated Tea
• Non-Carbonated Sports Drinks
• Non-Carbonated Juice
• Non-Carbonated Energy Drinks
• Drink Boxes or Pouches
• Waters Containing Sugar

Do the redemption centers provide bags?2019-06-03T14:44:03-04:00

No. We advise consumers to bring bags of their own as bags will not be provided by the redemption center. Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag. The bags should contain only eligible containers.
NOTE: Bags should not contain any other materials other than eligible containers. Containers should be free of liquid and or contaminants.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to withdraw my refunds?2019-06-03T14:40:08-04:00

Yes. Currently, the only payout option available is PayPal.

How can I add PayPal as a payout option?2019-06-03T14:40:37-04:00

First, you must create a PayPal account or connect your existing PayPal account.
• Tap “Add payout” on the profile page or through the settings menu page. You will be redirected to PayPal to connect your myTOMRA profile.
• Tap “Accept” and you will be directed back. You are now ready to receive all future refunds directly to your PayPal account.

How can I withdraw my refunds from the myTOMRA profile?2019-06-03T14:40:57-04:00

First, you need to connect your PayPal account to your myTOMRA profile. Once successfully done, your refunds will automatically be transferred to your PayPal account.

How do I create myTOMRA profile?2019-06-03T14:41:15-04:00

Download the myTOMRA app and register using your email or by using your existing PayPal account.

How do I create a PayPal account?2019-06-03T14:41:34-04:00

Go to PayPal and download the app. Tap “Create account” and follow the steps on how to create an account.

How do I set the favorite ♥ myLOCATION?2019-06-11T15:36:10-04:00

Press “Add favorite location”. Move the map to your preferred favorite location. Press the ♥ symbol left of the centers name. It should change from transparent to a solid heart.

What is Bag Drop?2019-06-03T14:42:33-04:00

• Bag Drop is ideal for customers who are on the go but don’t need their refund immediately.
• No mess no fuss. Just drop off your bags at eligible Redemption Centers and we will do the rest.
• Requires the myTOMRA App and a minimum of 50 containers to use.
• Take your bags of containers to the TOMRA Recycling Center, affix your personalized barcode Bag Drop Tags on your bags.
• Scan the barcodes into your myTOMRA app and confirm all Bag Drop Tags registered.

Your refund should be paid within 24 -72 hours.

How does Bag Drop work?2019-06-03T14:43:24-04:00

• Download the myTOMRA app.
• Visit a participating Bag Drop location.
• When you’re at the counter, take a barcode for each bag and stick one on each of the bags.
• Select the bag drop option in your app – this will open your phone’s camera.
• Scan each barcode on your bags, and when you have scanned all the barcodes, select “Done”.
• Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag.
• Deposit your bags in the designated Bag Drop area.
NOTE: You should receive your refunds within 24 -72 hours. You can check the progress of your returns at any time under the “Activities” menu of your myTOMRA app.

How can I get my refunds digitally?2019-06-03T14:39:08-04:00

• Download the myTOMRA app from Google Play or iTunes App Stores.
• Create your personal myTOMRA profile. The app creates a personal membership that you use to digitally transfer your returned container refunds into your myTOMRA profile.
• Once registered, visit one of our participating Bag Drop locations. Open the app, scan the bar code you affixed to the returned containers bag at the redemption center and complete your recycling. Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag.
• You should receive your refunds within 24 -72 hours. You can check the progress of your returns at any time under the “Activities” menu of your myTOMRA app.
NOTE: Remember that you need to add your PayPal account to payout your refunds.

Do I need to sort the containers?2019-06-03T14:44:21-04:00

For quick and easy processing, plastic and metal containers may be mixed together. Glass should be separated & tagged in their original packaging. I.e. six pack or case cartons.

How do I claim my Bag Drop refunds?2019-06-03T14:44:36-04:00

You can claim your refund via PayPal. Make sure to setup your payment option in your myTOMRA app.

How do I choose my payout preference?2019-06-03T14:44:56-04:00

• Go into your myTOMRA settings menu and find “Payout” options.
• Select PayPal as the method of claiming your refunds. Your refunds will automatically go into your nominated PayPal account, which you can withdraw directly into your bank account or use for online shopping.

Where is Bag Drop available?2019-06-03T14:45:39-04:00

Bag Drop is available in two redemption centers:

Clifton Park Bottle and Can Retrieval Center
1208 Route 146 & Vishers Ferry Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Material Group: Can, Glass, Plastic (PET)

Bottle Junction Grand Island Bottle and Can Retrieval Center
2447 Grand Island Blvd.
Grand Island, NY 14072
Material Group: Can, Glass, Plastic (PET)

What are the minimum amount of containers required in Bag Drop?2019-06-03T14:45:57-04:00

We recommend that a bag drop have a minimum of 50 empty containers per bag. On average some consumers deposit 120 containers per bag or more. Each bag requires its own Bag Drop Tag.

Where can I get the myTOMRA app?2019-06-03T14:53:21-04:00

You can download the myTOMRA app from Google Play or iTunes App Stores.

How to create a myTOMRA profile?2019-06-03T14:53:55-04:00

• Download myTOMRA app from iTunes App Store or Google Play.
• Click “Register” to create a myTOMRA profile using your email address. Alternatively, you can log in using your existing PayPal account.
• Connect your myTOMRA profile to your PayPal account to receive your recycling refunds digitally.

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