Bottle and Can Retrieval Company for Lockport, NY

Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers is a bottle and can retrieval company that offers 35 (and growing) recycling centers, making your recycling efforts easy and fun.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to making recycling a pleasant process that not only makes you feel good about reusing items, but is also as convenient as possible. We hope to keep the natural beauty of Lockport intact for generations to come. Furthermore, we are proud to provide assistance for fundraising projects that you, your company, or your organization would like to participate in to keep your community clean. We will clear up the area and donate the bottle and can profits to your program.

Our Location

Our company believes that bottle and can recycling centers should be convenient, friendly, professional, and most importantly, clean. At our facility, our well-organized processes involving our state-of-the-art sorting machines will ensure you are in and out quickly.

Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers keeps Lockport clean by functioning as the city’s premier bottle and can recycling center. Stop by our location with your cans and bottles today!

Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers

4022 Lake Ave

Lockport, NY 14094