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Bottle & Can Retrieval Centers have made it easier than ever to plan, execute and earn money from a great fundraising event. It doesn’t matter how large or small your group is – you can work face-to-face with our people in the local community for a one-day promotion, or leverage all 40+ locations and partner with us for a large-scale, ongoing effort across the Northeast. Your friends and neighbors will be glad you’re keeping the community and environment clean, and you’ll be glad to receive their bottle and can donations, with our no-cost help. It’s a Win-Win!

What We Offer

Bottle and can drives are our specialty (it’s practically our name!) and we help create them at all of our Retrieval Centers, every day. Use our expert assistance to design fliers you can distribute. Ask about promoting your drive with our highly effective door hangers and yard signs. Tap us for social media promotional ideas. We even offer the convenience of a Retrieval Trailer. We’ll pick up the trailer, quickly process everything you’ve collected and get you paid. (Minimum requirements for trailer use and free pickup)

Your group can also set up a free account at any of our Retrieval Centers, and make it available to anyone who wants to donate to your cause – anytime they choose. We’re flexible with all fundraising programs. Just talk with us (or send us a Facebook direct message) and see how ready and willing we are to work with you, adapt our offerings and find the best solution for your organization.

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